Beyond this world there are pixels, fairies and sylphic dreams...

Sylph Jewels is the brain-child of Kaisa Holsting, a creative entrepreneur, a quirky and geeky unconventional young designer from Estonia (an awesome but very techie tiny country in the Baltics). Kaisa is also an internationally published book author - check out the DIY book on fused beads called "Bead it. Iron it. Love it!" that has been published in the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Poland as well as Estonia.

Founded in December 2012, the company is active in many different fields such as graphic design, branding and logos, printed materials, jewellery design, crochet items as well as hand-drawn illustrations. Sylph brand is mainly for pixel jewellery, beaded jewellery and graphics projects.

The usual workday for the Sylph Jewels creator Kaisa is far from being routine. Crocheting, beading, drawing, making music and all the rest of the awesome hobbies provide her with a perfect getaway from the daily realities of the real world and she loves it to the fullest. When she's not busy creating new jewellery pieces for the shop she also teaches a creativity class to help others realize their dreams and be more in tune with their inner children.

Most of her jewellery is a warmly fused puddle of creativity, geekery and imagination, anything she can cook up in her beautiful Aquarius mind.

Stay in tune with what she's up to:
Facebook - Sylph Jewels (FB/sylph.jewels)
Instagram - @SylphJewels
Pinterest - @meej2nes

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